Other Singles

The Outer Limits (1971, Decca, F13176)
Father’s Brown (1970, Decca, F23059)
Judd (1970, Penny Farthing, PEN709)
Ken Cumberbatch (1980, Edge Records, EDGE3)
Gary Dors (Christy Records, CML0106)
Kris Ryder (1979, Decca Records, F138)
Harrison Jones (1977, Gull Records, GULS50)
The Matchmakers (1979, Vogue, DV11008)
Tommy Hunt (1976, Spark, SRL1148)
Kris Ife (Parlaphone, R5741)
Octopus (1969, Penny Farthing, PEN705)
Kris Ife (1969, Parlaphone, R5770)
Stonebridge / McGuiness (1979, RCA Victor, PB5163)
Byron Band (1981, Creole, CR24)
Byron Band (1981, Creole, CR12)
Christie (1973, CBS, CBS1438)
Christie (1974, Epic, EC55126)
Christie (1974, Epic, EPC2044)
Christie (1974, Epic, SC71313)
Christie (1974, Epic, SC71324)
Christie (1974, CBS, CBS1602/1603)
Punchline (1980, Pinnacle Records, PL001A and B)

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